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Therapeutic Social Skills Groups

Adventure-themed social skills group facilitated by a recreational therapist, utilizing the cooperative storytelling mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons to create custom scenarios to specifically teach and practice communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills. Player clients work one-on-one with the therapeutic game master to assess, plan and evaluate personal growth goals. Group game environment is moderated to practice and implement therapeutic goals.

Duration: 6-14 weeks, one 90-minute session each week
Pricing: $40 per participant per session (an intake for new clients and a goal review following each group series is included in the weekly fee)

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons *FREE*

Want to see if Dragon Haven is right for you, or just curious to learn more about Dungeons & Dragons? We offer free online introductions to the world's greatest roleplaying game! See how D&D can be an effective way to teach, practice and apply problem-solving, empathy and communication skills.

Duration: 1-3 weeks, one 90-minute session each week
Pricing: Free!

Shelter'N'Play *NEW*

Your stay-at-home special! A discounted, online-only Dungeons & Dragons game group, ran by a recreational therapist. Ninety minutes (per week) of exotic travel, treasure hunting and making friends (and probably some foes). All the stuff you're missing out on!

Duration: 6-12 weeks, one 90-minute session each week
Pricing: $30 per participant per session

Individual Counseling & Consulting

Interested in hiring a recreational therapist to help you meet your personal recreation, leisure or social goals? Looking for a Game Master to plan your family game night? Need a coach to help you get your own D&D campaign off the ground? We can help!

Duration and pricing varies

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